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The United States was created as a result of the American Revolution, when thirteen colonies on the east coast of North America fought to end their membership in the British Empire.This was a bold, dangerous, and even foolish thing to do at the time, since Great Britain was the strongest country in the world.


The Revolution After The Crisis. ... the the Baby Boom generation is the wealthiest generation in American history. Coming of age as self-absorbed young crusaders, Boomers have systemically ...


The American Revolution was an event of sweeping worldwide importance. A costly war that lasted from 1775 to 1783 secured American independence and gave revolutionary reforms of government and society the chance to continue. At its core, the war pitted colonists who wanted independence and the creation of a republic against the power of the ...


April 19 - Netherlands recognizes American independence. May 8 - American and Spanish forces capture Nassau, Bahamas. July 11 - British evacuate Savannah, GA. July 13 - British/Indian raid on Hannahstown, PA. August 7 - Washington establishes the Badge of Military Merit, now known as the Purple Heart. August 19 - Battle of Blue Licks, KY


Overview of the American Revolution Digital History ID 2910. Much more than a revolt against British taxes and trade regulations, the American Revolution was the first modern revolution. It marked the first time in history that a people fought for their independence in the name of certain universal principles such as rule of law, constitutional ...


Revolutionary War: The Home Front Defining a "home front" in the Revolutionary War is difficult because so much of the thirteen states became, at one time or another, an actual theater of war. Revolutionary War: Groping Toward Peace, 1781-1783 The year 1781 was momentous for the American Revolution.


These events are what prompted the colonists to rebel against the government and, in the end, are believed to be the main causes that led to the American Revolution: Royal Proclamation of 1763: After the French and Indian War ended, the British government issued the Proclamation of 1763, on October 7, 1763, which forbade colonists from settling ...


In the end, perhaps as many as 5,000 African Americans served in the American forces, while perhaps 20,000 served on the British side. Fleeing to freedom. As the war ground to an end, thousands of slaves who had fled their bondage wound up in British-held New York City, including George Washington’s slave Harry.


Some of the first efforts to end slavery began during the Revolutionary War, aided by a few of the Founding Fathers. However, at the end of the war, most of the slaves returned to their former lives. There were slave-owners who realized the hypocrisy of owning slaves while fighting for their own independence and freed their slaves.


As we approach the end of 2020, a “perfect storm” of circumstances is causing the anxiety level of many Americans to go through the roof, and millions are preparing for the worst. I have been hearing from so many people that are deeply concerned about what the outcome of this presidential election could mean for our nation, and a lot of ...