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The American Revolution was a war for independence by the American colonies against Great Britain. It began in 1775 and lasted until 1783, with the Americans winning the war. According to historians, the British had the superior army. However, the Americans benefited from the excellent leadership of


The American Revolution granted the American colonies independence from Great Britain. While the colonies declared their independence in 1776, the British saw them as too valuable to let go without a fight. Only by defeating the British with the help of the French did America achieve independence.


The Revolutionary War affected women by placing them in nontraditional roles. As men went off to war, it left women to fill the jobs typically fulfilled by men.


The short-term effects of the American Revolution included a recession in the former colonies and a number of international revolutions. The war also initiated a broader discussion of the morality of slavery.


NBC cancelled the post-apocalyptic drama “Revolution” after two seasons due to declining ratings. By the end of the show’s run, it was attracting only around 4 million viewers per episode, which led to the network’s decision not to renew “Revolution” for a third season.


There was not a single event that started the American Revolution, but a series of events including the Boston Massacre. A series of events over a period of years led up to this war.


The American Revolution inspired the French Revolution due to its philosophical ideas on the rights of individuals and the division of power. Additionally, French involvement in the American Revolution caused financial problems in France.


There is no single cause of the Industrial Revolution, although it came into being through a combination of science, technology and demand of products. Additionally, there may be differences in situations between the Industrial Revolution in different countries.


The French Revolution occurred from 1789 to 1799. It was a 10-year period of social and political unrest that affected the course of modern government forever, both in France and around the world. The French Revolution led to a global decline in monarchies and church led governments.


Women who are at least 18 years old and are proven descendants of someone who helped in the American Revolution are eligible to join the Daughters of the American Revolution. Applicants must provide their ancestors' birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as proof of service in the Revolutio