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Several online businesses offer templates to make questionnaires, including SurveyMonkey, QuestionPro and SurveyCrest. Free basic templates are available as well as premium paid services with an account or subscription.


Customer satisfaction surveys, political polls, academic questionnaires, human resource surveys and health assessments are some of the different types of online questionnaire templates that are available. Many online survey providers offer free templates in various categories, including SurveyMonkey


An employee motivation questionnaire is a survey or questionnaire that is intended to ascertain how well the employees of a certain company are motivated. The questionnaire allows employees to share their opinions about job satisfaction, morale and other vital aspects of the workplace.


A questionnaire is a list of questions typically given to participants at an event, or to consumers of a product, in order to receive feedback or information on the subject. According to About.com, a questionnaire is typically printed.


A good questionnaire is friendly, easily readable and able to be easily understood by the respondent. It should also have open-ended questions that do not restrict respondents to limited answers. According to PreserveArticles.com, respondents can express themselves fully to relay the intended messag


Free templates for employee evaluations are available on websites such as Entrepreneur.com, Rocketlawyer.com and Tidyforms.com. All sites allow the users to personalize and download the forms.


A wellness questionnaire is a series of questions about a person's health, habits, stress level and lifestyle that help pinpoint areas in which the person can improve their health and wellness, according to Monmouth University. An employer may offer cash incentives, professional support and encourag


Popular employee recognition program examples include annual awards, reward point systems, surprise on-the-spot awards, peer recognition and appreciation events. Some companies recognize employees through service awards for an employee's tenure.


Create an employee notice template by choosing a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, creating a new document and inserting the relevant information about you and the company. Leave an open section where you may include the notice, along with additional details pertaining


To make an effective questionnaire, it needs to be presented properly. Only through careful writing, reviewing, editing and rewriting can a good questionnaire be created.