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Create an employee notice template by choosing a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, creating a new document and inserting the relevant information about you and the company. Leave an open section where you may include the notice, along with additional details pertaining


Use an employee scheduling template to create a custom document that includes the names and positions of your employees along with the times for the available shifts at the business. Many templates appear as spreadsheets, which allows you to create a uniform structure, easily modify the names and ti


Create an employee schedule template in Microsoft Excel by opening a new document and creating a column to store the names of each employee. Make additional columns to cover the work dates, as well as factors such as pay rate or shift locations.


Free templates for employee evaluations are available on websites such as Entrepreneur.com, Rocketlawyer.com and Tidyforms.com. All sites allow the users to personalize and download the forms.


To develop a template for an employee schedule, open up a spreadsheet application and create fields for items such as employee name, days of the week, paid hours and overall costs. This type of document helps managers control labor costs while ensuring adequate staffing.


Some standard templates for writing employee performance reviews are available from the Entrepreneur, Business News Daily and HR at MIT websites. Consult a lawyer or HR professional to modify the templates to meet the company's specific needs, states the Entrepreneur website.


Though each commitment letter is specific to the type of job and employee involved, there are several great resources for templates at onestreet.org and about.com. The onestreet template provides samples for individuals accepting board, committee or working group positions, and the about.com resourc


Use free online application templates to structure a unique form, find the details necessary for vetting and select the right words to use. Crafting a good application form is key to finding the right candidates for the positions available, notes Vertex42.com.


Use an employee handbook template to determine the type of information necessary to create a comprehensive set of guidelines for your company by reading the sections and example rules as well as learning about different formatting options. Make a copy of the template, and replace the contents with t


An entrepreneur or business owner can fill out a business plan template to make sure he includes the most essential details in his final business plan to show potential investors, says Forbes. Such details include a cover letter, executive summary, industry analysis, company overview and customer an