Employee discount programs are effective when they provide discounts on a wide range of products and services, include consistent, positive communication with employees about the program and how to use it, and are cost-e... More »

The main reasons why some employee discount programs fail is that the discount perks are not sufficiently beneficial to the employee, the discounts are perceived as unfairly distributed or the discount benefits are impro... More »

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Full details of the discount program for Chrysler employees are available on the official website for Chrysler Employee Advantage participants at EA.Chrysler.com. A simplified version of the details of the plan and the t... More »

Starwood employees can make use of the employee discount program for reservations at participating resorts and properties, known as the StarHOT program, by booking stays through the company's corporate site and providing... More »

Employee discounts, vacation and paid time off, performance bonuses, retirement plans, and insurance are among some of the many benefits available to H-E-B employees. H-E-B employees also get maternity and parenting leav... More »

Employee assistance program (EAP) refers to a service provided by employers that is designed to help their employees deal with the personal or work-related problems. The service provides counseling and assistance with re... More »

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Employee welfare includes everything, such as facilities, benefits and services, that an employer provides or does to ensure comfort of the employees. Good welfare helps to motivate employees and ensure increased product... More »