Michigan University's Museum of Zoology indicates that the primary enemies, or predators, of emperor penguins are giant petrels, Antarctic skuas, leopard seals and killer whales. Petrels and skuas, both cold-weather bird... More »

Emperor penguins perform several duties in the course of raising their young, including incubating the egg, feeding the chick regurgitated food, protecting the chick from predators and teaching it to hunt. Emperor pengui... More »

Living in the coldest place in the world, an emperor penguin has layers of thick feathers as a first line of defense. Except for the feet and underside of the wings, scale-like and waterproof feathers cover the penguin's... More »

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, emperor penguins are preyed upon by killer whales, leopard seals and giant fulmars. A native of Antarctica, the emperor penguin is the largest species of penguin in the world, approa... More »

Adélie penguins, native to the Antarctic continent and its surrounding coastal islands, are classified as the smallest of the Antarctic penguins, weighing an average of 8 to 13 pounds and growing to a height of 30 inches... More »

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The main types of predators that eat penguins are marine animals, such as leopard seals, whales and sharks. Many land animals are also a threat to penguins in Antarctica and include birds like petrels, skuas and gulls. More »

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Penguins live in the Antarctic tundra biome. They do not live in the tundra at the North Pole. More »