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The purple host in Emily Dickinson's poem, "Success Is Counted Sweetest", refers to an army. The line following "purple host" in the stanza mentions how the enemy's flag was taken, symbolizing victory for the army.


Emily Dickinson's poem "Hope Is the Thing with Feathers" was published in 1891 and believed to be written in 1861. Dickinson's poems were published after her death when her family discovered the large collection of poetry she wrote while in seclusion.


"The Bustle in a House" by Emily Dickinson is about the resumption of everyday life following a bereavement. The events of the poem appear to take place on the morning after a death and, as such, it has been positioned by some critics as a direct sequel to Dickinson's other poem about death, "The La


Saint Elizabeth was born Elizabeth Ann Bayley in New York City on Aug. 28, 1774. She was one of two daughters of a physician father.


The theme of Emily Dickinson's poem "Success Is Counted Sweetest" is that doing without something makes a person appreciate its worth more than actually having it does. The theme is revealed in the first two lines of the poem which read, "Success is counted sweetest / By those who ne'er succeed." In


Natalie Morales was born in Taipei on June 6, 1972, and moved to the United States at age 18 to attend college; she has worked as a journalist and news anchor throughout most of her adult life. As of 2015, she is married to Joe Rhodes, and they live in New Jersey with their two sons. She is a keen r


Randolph Scott was an actor born on January. 23, 1898, in Orange County, Virginia. Scott is closely identified with his roles in many Westerns. Out of his more than 100 film roles, more than 60 are Westerns. According to Turner Classic Movies, Scott’s Western films directed by Budd Boetticher are co


Shooter Jennings is an American country rock singer and songwriter who was born on May 19, 1979. As of December 2015, he is married to actress Misty Brooke Swain and has two children from a previous relationship.


Valerie Jarrett served as Senior Advisor to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. She was born in Iran in 1956 to American parents. Jarrett began her career in politics in the late 1980s in Chicago. She also has a professional background in law and real estate.


Emily Post was an American socialite famous for authoring books about the proper etiquette and manners for women in her era. Her book “Etiquette: In Society, In Business, In Politics and At Home," published in 1922, topped the non-fiction bestseller list.