During an Electromyography test, or EMT, patients may experience twinges and spasms from surface electrodes and discomfort or pain from needle electrodes, explains Mayo Clinic. Minor bruising at the insertion site of nee... More »

A temporary swelling of the urethra that obstructs the passage of urine and a mild urinary tract infection are possible side effects of a cystoscopy test, according to WebMD. Bleeding may occur, but it often resolves on ... More »

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Burning legs and feet can be a side effect of certain medical procedures, according to WebMD. This is due to neuropathy, which is nerve damage in the legs. More »

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The needle electrodes used during an EMG may cause short-term discomfort or pain, and the patient may feel a twinge or spasm as the electric current is transmitted, according to Mayo Clinic. The procedure generally lasts... More »

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Electromyography, or EMG, sometimes causes pain and discomfort, reports Healthline. Patients can request a break if the pain is too much. The test generally takes 30 minutes to one hour to finish. More »

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Intestinal pain located on the right side can be caused by conditions varying from mild gas-related discomfort to serious medical emergencies, such as kidney infections, cancer or appendicitis, says Mayo Clinic. Concurre... More »

Although electromyography is usually painless, the insertion of electrodes into muscles during the procedure sometimes causes slight pain or discomfort to patients, according to MedlinePlus. It is also normal for patient... More »