Some good places to buy iron-on embroidered patches include and As of 2015, both of these companies can produce custom embroidered patches in 14 days or less.

VFW Store sells a variety of Veterans of Foreign Wars patches, and eBay lists an assortment of such patches as well. As of late 2015, offers a VFW embroidered patch and a VFW Ladies Auxiliary patch, but not a ...

Online shoppers can buy licensed NCAA patches for college football teams at Amazon shoppers can also find specific patches by typing the name of the team into the product search bar.


The best way to sew patches on a leather jacket is to secure the patch in place with glue or tape, lay the jacket on a flat surface and then use a heavy needle and thread to sew on the patch. Patches can either be sewn t...

To sew Girl Scout patches to a sash, first observe the Girl Scouts' guidelines for insignia placement. Do the actual sewing by hand with needle and thread, or use a sewing machine.

As of 2015, some places to find free cross-stitch patterns include and Neither of these websites require sewers to register or give personal information before using patterns.

National retailers such as Kmart and Sears are places that sell various types of leather repair kits. Amazon is an online shop that offers a variety of leather repair kits along with reviews from customers.