By law, people who are not relatives of the deceased are banned from witnessing an embalming. The curious can watch the embalming performed on YouTube, however, if they possess a computer with an Internet connection. More » Business & Finance Business Resources

The YouTube channel maintained by Benson Family Funeral Home of Chicago includes a short video on the embalming process, using footage of an actual body. In addition, the website Confessions of a Funeral Director include... More » Science Human Anatomy

A person can watch a number of videos about the embalming process through web pages such as, and Some of the videos explain the process of embalming a body while taking a vie... More » defines "decontamination" as the process of making an area safe for people by removing, neutralizing or destroying a harmful substance. Potential harmful substances include any radioactive materials, poiso... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Labor and employment law attorney Elizabeth Unrath advises unpaid employees to first gather contact information for the business and then talk to their state's labor board. Failure to pay wages is illegal and considered ... More »

The average workers compensation settlement on a knee injury is $359,149 for a serious injury and $114,299 for a median injury, according to Maryland law firm Miller and Zois. Only 8 percent of injury verdicts were over ... More »

Federal law requires that every private, federal, state and local government employer post the minimum wage poster if they employ employees subject to the Fair Labor Standards Minimum Wage provision. The poster must be d... More » Business & Finance Business Resources