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Email marketing software is a digitized version of direct mail, and it helps businesses of all sizes refine their digital communications with clients by tracking factors that lead to higher conversion rates. For example, marketers are able to see which emails are opened or immediately deleted, so th


Email marketing that is executed properly is very effective, with response rates between 5 and 35 percent, compared to direct mail at just over 3 percent. Emails generally cost only a few cents to send, which is much lower than the cost of sending direct mail.


There are no free email marketing lists. It is against United States law to harvest emails for business purposes using a marketing service. However, there are other ways to build up a solid contact list for your marketing plan.


Some email marketing solutions include ConstantContact.com, BenchmarkEmail.com, GetResponse.com and SendinBlue.com, as of 2015. Each solution offers different features suitable for small business, e-commerce websites or traditional brick and mortar stores, including the ability to create custom temp


Email is a tool that delivers messages instantaneously and is accessible from nearly anywhere in the world. People find email useful for communicating with friends and colleagues, marketing and promoting services and products, and sending follow ups and reminders regarding time sensitive issues. Ema


Email is important because it creates a fast, reliable form of communication that is free and easily accessible. Email allows people to foster long-lasting, long-distance communication. It is not characterized by the inconveniences that are generally associated with traditional communication media,


To create an email, access a Web browser on your computer, or tap the icon for the email app on your smartphone or tablet. Enter your username and password if necessary. Enter the recipient's name, the subject and the body of the message. Review the document, and press Send.


People use email to communicate with friends and relatives, and it is popular for business communication. While young people are increasingly using social media instead of email, businesses are likely to continue using it for the foreseeable future.


Tips for customizing email marketing templates include inserting graphics and HTML formatting relevant to the specific campaign, using dynamic functions to automatically personalize the email for each recipient, and using details or content according to the user's location. It may also be helpful to


Email stands for electronic mail, as it was designed to duplicate standard mail. It is sometimes spelled "e-mail," but this usage has fallen out of favor in most style guides.