Although razor bumps usually resolve on their own when shaving is stopped, there are ways to speed up healing, such as tweezing out the offending hairs and applying solutions, ointments and creams to the infected area. R... More »

Preventing razor bumps is as simple as doing some pre-shave preparation, using the right lubricant, selecting the right razor and using the proper shaving technique. Razor bumps, or razor burn, are caused by an irritatio... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal Shaving

Most razor bumps can be prevented by not shaving every day, softening the hair with warm water, using proper shaving techniques and cleaning the razor with rubbing alcohol after every use. Instead of shaving every day, s... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal Shaving

Using the right shaving cream and razor, trimming the hair before shaving, taking a warm shower or bath, exfoliating the skin before shaving, using the proper shaving products, and using additional products that specific... More »

Rubbing alcohol can be used as a home remedy to get rid of razor bumps. To use the alcohol, rub it onto the affected area twice per day. More »

Stop shaving bumps by giving the skin a break from shaving to provide time for healing. If a bump is noted, use a clean, sterilized needle or tweezers to lift the end of the hair shaft from the skin. In some cases, shave... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

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