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Elgin watches are from Elgin, Illinois. The Elgin National Watch Company produced these watches from 1964 to 1967 on a 35-acre facility, which included the factory and housing for the workers.


As of September 2015, Amazon.com, Walmart and JCPenney sell women's and men's Elgin watches online. Watches at all three retailers come in modern, classic and elegant styles. Some of the watches have online user reviews and ratings.


The Elgin National Watch Company was founded in 1864 in Elgin, Illinois, as the National Watch Company by Philo Carpenter, Howard Culver, George Wheeler, Thomas Dickerson, Edward Williams and W. Robbins. The company's primary financial backer was Chicago Mayor Benjamin ...


An Elgin watch has two serial numbers. The movement serial number is located in the watch's gear region, and the case serial number is located on the back of the case.


Elgin wristwatches and pocket watches have two serial numbers; one inside the watch and one stamped into the watch case. Age and authenticity of an Elgin watch is determined by the interior serial number. The exterior serial number identifies the case, which may or may ...


To become an Elgin Community College student, complete an application for admission, submit transcripts, demonstrate minimum competencies and register for classes. Elgin Community College is an open enrollment school, meaning students may attend any class as long as the...


Elgin serial number searches are possible at the Elgin Watches Serial Numbers website and the Pocket Watch Database website. In both cases, all the person needs is the serial number to find out more information about those watches.