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The mountainside behind the mahout village is thick with the various jungle foliage that grows in abundance during the rainy season. This is a wonderful opportunity for the elephants to add more roughage and variety to their diets and to get exercise as well. It is overwhelmingly obvious how much the elephants enjoy these outings.


Set up in 2003 as a traditional mahout village, the Elephant Camp works alongside Anantara’s Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF), Anantara’s charitable organization. Set up in 2006 to rescue elephants from Thailand’s city streets, 20 now live in the jungle environment of Anantara’s Elephant Camp,


Elephants are matriarchal, meaning they live in female-led groups. The matriarch is usually the biggest and oldest. She presides over a multi-generational herd that includes other females, called ...


But some think the training process is tantamount to torture for the wild elephants. “From using speakers near the forest to setting up farms within the jungle, it is we who trespass and disturb ...


Our elephant tours are lead by an english speaking guide who has extensive knowledge about the elephants you will see and the traditions and customs of the hill tribe people who live within the forests. We only employ Bunong guides for our overnight jungle tours. They are experts at living in the jungle.


The Jungle 2019: The Elephant in the City By Matt Butler. ... but who still want to live near downtown. The Jungle’s attraction is a place for its residents to remain largely unbothered, with ...


The Sumatran elephant, the smallest sub-species, may only stand 6 feet at the shoulder when mature, but the massive bush elephant of Africa has been known to reach 13 feet tall. Elephants live in herds of 6 to 30 individuals that may join up occasionally with any of several other herds within the master social structure known as a clan.


Set on 30 acres of lush jungle bordering Khao Phra National Park, the sanctuary offers a variety of interactive programs designed for you to get up close and personal with the elephants.


Indian elephant in India (obviously) and two in Africa.. The forest and savannah elephants. Indian elephant is the largest, then savannah, and finally forest elephants. So elephants do live in the jungle. But when lions and elephants cross paths it is in savannah areas. Not sure if there are any lions in the jungle anymore.


I see lion vs elephant as a courage vs sagacity kind of a thing. Courage is appreciated in the law of the jungle, but elephants are like sages, sit back, look after your kids, and if some awol lion eats your kid, crush him to death. The law of the jungle has a nice balance to it. Posted by Nishant, India, 4 months ago