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Customers can receive car insurance quotes from Elephant Insurance Services by visiting the company's website and entering basic information about themselves, details about other licensed drivers in the household, a description of the automobile that needs coverage and the driving history of the pri


As of 2015, Elephant Auto Insurance offers a Contact Us tab on the top right hand corner of the website, Elephant.com, that details the phone numbers for various inquiries. Telephone services include car insurance quotes, customer service and allowing customers to report a claim.


Auto insurance provides coverage against financial loss in the event of an accident. An auto insurance policy is a contract between the vehicle owner and an insurance company, whereby the owner pays a premium to receive coverage for damages, repairs and other costs stipulated in the contract.


Auto insurance proves important for several reasons: it offers drivers financial protection in accidents, reduces or eliminates costly fees arising from automobile accidents and provides compensation for vehicle loss and damage sustained through accidents, natural events, theft and damage, say exper


The Hartford Financial Services Group and Amica Mutual Insurance Company are both highly rated auto insurance providers, based on customer reviews and financial stability ratings, as of 2015, notes About.com. The Hartford offers auto insurance through independent insurance agents and through its par


When researching auto insurance policies, consumers should get at least three quotes from competing companies, either by contacting respective options via phone or online. Side-by-side comparison quotes are helpful because they allow people to quickly see differences in available coverage limits.


Some of the most common auto insurance terms are premium, deductible, collision coverage, bodily injury liability and comprehensive coverage, according to Steve Bowen for QuoteWizard. These terms impact insurance rates, and consumers should understand them to better evaluate their insurance policy a


Online auto insurance companies offer direct automobile coverage over the Internet, according to About.com. As of 2015, notable online insurance companies include Geico, Progressive and Esurance.


To compare auto insurance quotes in California, enter your ZIP code and some general information about your vehicle and driver history at OnlineAutoInsurance.com. As of 2015, the site offers quotes for auto insurance companies such as Progressive, Infinity and GMAC.


To become an auto insurance agent, it is best to confirm the insurance requirements for the specific state. Many states require insurance agents to have a current license. Some states require only a written exam. Other states require an associate's degree or a bachelor’s degree along with a written