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As a literary genre of high culture, romance or chivalric romance is a type of prose and verse narrative that was popular in the aristocratic circles of High Medieval and Early Modern Europe. They were fantastic stories about marvel-filled adventures, often of a chivalric knight-errant portrayed as having heroic qualities, who goes on a quest.


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A popular genre in its day, Medieval romance literature is a literary genre comprised of fictional works of chivalry and adventures from the Middle Ages. They belonged to one of three cycles, or ...


In medieval romance, chivalry and the heroic knight are idealized, the plot includes a romantic love, the setting is mysterious and vague, and the number three is a prominent figure, according to Loyola University New Orleans. An example of medieval romance is Marie de France's "Lais."

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ELEMENTS OF THE MEDIEVAL ROMANCE. Sir Thomas Malory’s tale (King Arthur) and the story of Gawain are romances, a form of literature popular throughout Europe during the Middle Ages. Certain features characterize the medieval romance: A romance is about the adventures of knights and the institution of chivalry.


Chivalric romance is a type of prose or verse narrative that was popular in the aristocratic circles of High Medieval and Early Modern Europe. They typically describe the adventures of quest-seeking, legendary knights who are portrayed as having heroic qualities. Chivalric romances celebrate an idealized code of civilized behavior that combines loyalty, honor, and courtly love.


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Situates the rise of romance in the context of European exposure to the East through crusading and travel. Also deals with the thorny question of medieval attitudes to ethnicity and nationality. Knight, Stephen. “The Social Function of the Middle English Romance.” In Medieval Literature: Criticism, Ideology, and History. Edited by David ...


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Romance: Romance, literary form, usually characterized by its treatment of chivalry, that came into being in France in the mid-12th century. It had antecedents in many prose works from classical antiquity (the so-called Greek romances), but as a distinctive genre it was developed in the context of the