Soil is considered a mixture, as it is a composition in which each of the components retains its own properties. Mixtures have no fixed chemical structure or composition, and each of the atoms or molecules can be physica... More »

Clay soil is composed of tiny particles that are hard and able to become easily compacted. This compaction makes it difficult to plant or even shovel within the soil. More »

Plants need soil because it contains 16 chemical elements that are essential to a plant’s growth. These chemical elements are categorized into mineral and non-mineral groups. More »

A homogeneous mixture is one that has a uniform composition and the same properties throughout the mixture. This is different than a homogeneous substance, which means that there is only one kind of substance present. A ... More » Science Chemistry

An element or compound that enters into a chemical reaction is called a reagent, while the elements or compounds that result from a chemical reaction are called products. Reagents can be further defined as reactants, cat... More »

An alkali is a basic ionic compound of an alkali earth metal or alkali metal element. Alkalies are most noted for their ability to neutralize or balance acidity. An alkali solution turns a red litmus paper blue. Caustic ... More »

Oxygen is an element, not a compound, and can be found on the periodic table with the atomic number eight. Oxygen is primarily found in two common forms, oxygen gas and in air. Oxygen gas molecules are made of two oxygen... More »