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Water is a molecular compound formed from the elements oxygen and hydrogen. It is the most abundant molecule on Earth and is essential to life on the planet.


"The L Word" airs on the premium cable network Showtime as of 2015. According to IMDb, "The L Word" no longer airs new episodes. The show ran for five years.


L waves, also known as long waves, are surface waves created by earthquakes. They are the slowest of all earthquake waves, but usually cause the most intense shaking and damage to property.


P & L management stands for profit and loss management and it has become an increasingly desired skill sought out by executive recruiters in executive candidates. P & L Management involves decreasing costs and increasing revenues, which is important for any business reg...


Some words that begin with L include names of animals, such as "lamb," "leopard" and "ladybird," as well as names of common plants, such as "larch," "lily" and "laurel." There are many adjectives starting with L, such as "long," "lavish" and "lazy," and nouns, such as "...


"Fatmag�l" is a drama and romance series that airs in Turkey, states the International Movie Database. The show is filmed in Istanbul and stars Turkish actors. It is a two season show that aired in September of 2010 and ended in 2012.


L-methylfolate is a synthetic version of folate, a form of vitamin B that occurs naturally in many foods, states Drugs.com. L-methylfolate is used as an additive in medical foods and supplements used to treat folate deficiency or mental health conditions associated with...