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Technik is a vending machine and kiosk manufacturing company which specializes in manufacturing pull tab vending machines.


Several of the larger electronic pull-tab manufacturers have left the state of Mississippi and left our charities without one of their most important fundraising tools. CGT hasn’t left, as a matter of fact they’ve stuck by Mississippi charities, working closely with our state regulators and the leadership of nonprofits.


Since slot machines were first invented many manufacturers of those machines have devised ways to design them to become legal in certain jurisdictions were slot machines are not permitted, and one of the more novel ways of giving players a slot machine like playing experience is by designing something known as an Electronic Pull Tab machine.


Manufacturing Standards for Electronic Pull-Tabs Page 3 of 14 ELECTRONIC PULL-TAB FLARE REQUIREMENTS 7864.0235, s. 3 5. The base game flare must contain only: a. The manufacturer's name or Board-registered logo. b. The game name and serial number, which must be identical to the same information that appears on the tickets in the deal. c.


"Obviously, we are excited about being the first manufacturer approved to deploy electronic pull-tab devices in this market," said Kevin Morse, Director of Market Development for Grover Gaming ...


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Plains Gaming has chosen to partner with Powerhouse Gaming as their E-TAB provider. An industry leader in Electronic Pull Tab games, Powerhouse Gaming offers some of the most exciting and entertaining games on the market today. Powerhouse also boasts one of the highest revenue-per-machine rates in the E-TAB market.


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