Electrical wires must first be stripped, then twisted together and covered with a wire nut in a junction box in order to be spliced together properly, according to Home Depot. Splicing joins two or more electrical wires ... More »

It is possible to splice a new wire into an existing electrical system, and it is a fairly easy process. It is important that all safety steps be taken to protect from any electrical discharge during this process. More »

The common types of wire splices are the Western Union splice, tap splice, staggered splice, fixture splice and rat-tail joint splice. Splices are used to connect two wires for the purpose of carrying either electrical c... More »

Install a junction box by attaching the box to the studs or ceiling joist with screws, knocking out the plugs, installing cable clamps, pulling the wires into the box and making the splice. Attach the cover to the box. E... More »

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The Home Depot provides a chart that explains the differences in wire nut, more commonly known as wire connector, colors on its website. The chart explains the size of wire that can be used in these wire nuts and the num... More »

To wire a breaker box, attach the grounding wire to the metal bar with setscrews, remove 1/2 inch of insulation from the wires, insert them into the circuit breaker, and push on the circuit breaker to lock it into place.... More »

To wire a hot tub, contact a local inspector, inspect the service panel, run the wiring, connect the hot and neutral wires, wire the disconnect box and connect the hot tub wiring. Have your work inspected by a licensed e... More »

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