Electrical circuits are drawn using symbols for power sources, wires and other electrical components. This is known as a schematic diagram. Electrical diagrams don't need to physically correspond to the final electric ci... More »

According to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Kansas State University, a single line diagram is a simplified way of diagramming a three-phase power system. It is also called a one-line diagram. More »

Symbols used in electrical system diagrams include the ground symbol, the resister symbol, generator symbol and capacitor symbols. These symbols are used as a universal way to indicate the electrical layout of an area. B... More »

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Electrical tapes, also called insulating tapes, are commonly used for insulating electrical wires to prevent short circuits and electrocution, but ingenuity has led to other applications. According to Reference.com, it i... More »

Safety basics while performing electrical grounding include making sure all wires and cords are undamaged, checking that all circuits are performing well and inspecting all electrical fittings to be sure none need to be ... More »

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To read an electrical ladder diagram, first identify the two rails that signify the supply power, and then locate the rungs that portray all of the control circuits connected to the power source. The L1 designation typic... More »

Basic concepts of electrical wiring involve creating circuits that provide electrical power for equipment and devices. The majority of residential wiring utilizes single-phased power to provide varying levels of voltage ... More »