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The method demonstrated here is the correct way to splice electrical wires using UL-approved wire connectors joined inside an approved electrical box. These connectors can be the familiar twist-on wire nuts or newer style push-fit connectors. This is the method approved by the National Electrical Code (NEC). The old, informal method of splicing ...


How To: Splice Wires Whether you're swapping in a new light fixture or adding an outlet in the garage, you'll probably need to reconnect wires, connect a new wire to an old one, or extend a few wires.


Wire connectors join wires to equipment, connect two sections of wire, and allow wires to be disconnected quickly. Butt splice connectors create a straight splice. C-tap compression connectors are used for electrical pigtailing and two-way splicing. Fork terminals can be quickly connected and removed from screw-type connections.


Quick splice connectors are a fast and easy way to splice an electrical circuit into an existing wire.Quick splice connectors utilize insulation displacement technology, meaning that no stripping of the wires is necessary.


Flared Compression Lugs have a generous flared cable entry to ensure proper and easy insertion of high stranded wire such as DLO Cable (Diesel Locomotive Cable). Aluminum Compression lugs and splice are dual rated for copper or aluminum wire and cable up to 1000 MCM. Each lug’s barrel is pre-filled with an oxide inhibitor for increase ...


Butt connectors, also known as splice connectors, butt splices and crimp connectors, are a crucial component in 12-volt electrical systems. Waytek offers splices for nearly every type of wiring need, including simple wire splices designed for heavy-duty vibration applications and in harsh environments where sealed connectors are required.


Crimp-on wire connectors work well if they’re crimped properly (a 5/16-in.-wide crimp) and sealed (usually with heat-shrinkable tubing). But most cheap crimping tools only make a 1/8-in. crimp, so you’d have to make four of them for a simple butt connection.


The wire connectors must be approved for splicing AL/CU wires. Make sure that the wire connectors have a genuine UL Listing symbol. Apply corrosion inhibitor gel to the wires to be spliced together. Make sure that the wires are firmly secure inside the wire connectors. More about Splicing Electrical Wiring. How to Splice Electrical Wires


Splicing any high voltage conductor in an “open” manner or in way that is not specifically rated. In most cases get a UL rated connector and make the connection inside a UL / NEMA rated rated box or assembly. Making a splice by just twisting wires together and putting electrical tape on top. Just don’t.


My dilemma is in adding the fixtures into the circuit between the existing fixture and the switch. I will need to splice additional wire into the circuit, but I'm certain there isn't enough slack to draw the existing line into the fixture's junction box to make the connections.