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The ventilation grates on most downdraft ranges are removable for cleaning in a sink. Most have squeeze tabs or another release mechanism the user must activate to remove the grate and filter. The owner can clean both parts with a warm, soapy rag or immerse the grate in the sink.


GE, Kenmore, Jenn-Air and KitchenAid all manufacture electric ranges with built-in, downdraft exhaust systems. Appliance stores such as Sears sell the downdraft electric ranges, as do online retailers.


A downdraft range is a kitchen range that vents smoke and odors down, rather than upward like a traditional oven top range does. A downdraft exhaust system pulls air down through a tube and out of a vent in the side of the house.


A downdraft slide-in range is a type of oven and stovetop that features controls on the front of the appliance, above the oven, with a downdraft-style ventilation that recesses into the counter top or appliance. The downdraft can be flush with the stovetop, or retractable, rising in use.


A downdraft range vents by pulling steam, grease and smoke into a vent and forcing that air outside. Downdraft range vents are placed low to be kept out of the way, but that placement can impact its ability to vent effectively if a pot or pan is too far away.


A downdraft cooktop works when a fan in the stove vents smoke instead of a fan in the hood, which is the traditional method. Although this method can be problematic if you have a gas burner, as it can extinguish the flame when the burners are set low, it is a great choice if you have electric burner


A downdraft induction range is a cooktop that does not require a range vent hood placed above the unit. Downdraft induction ranges are assembled so the grease and smoke that develops during cooking is pulled by an exhaust fan into piping below the range that disperses outside of the home.


A downdraft vent is a form of kitchen range ventilation that clears the air of fumes by pulling smoke downward. It is a substitute for traditional updraft vents, which use the natural rising motion of smoke and fumes to pull them upward out of the kitchen while cooking.


Jenn-Air manufactures a gas downdraft range; as of March 2012, it was the only company that still produced one. Gas downdraft ranges contain an integral blower inside the range that vents the smoke, grease and heat down and outside through the ductwork. These ranges therefore require no additional v


A retractable downdraft range vent is a stovetop filtration system that is raised during cooking times and then retracted until it is level with the cooking surface when not in use. It is intended for kitchens equipped with cooktops consisting of just the burners or heating elements from a range.