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As of March 2015, the highest-rated electric deep fryers on both Amazon.com and ConsumerSearch.com are manufactured by National Presto Industries. The highest-rated extra-large electric deep fryer is made by Masterbuilt Manufacturing.


As of 2015, deep fryers range in price from about $20 at the low-end to over $100 for a high-end commercial deep fryer. Price is somewhat dependent on capacity. Deep fryers can be purchased at retailers, such as Kmart, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and from online cooking accessory retailers.


Deep fryer parts can be purchased online at sites such as Sears PartsDirect, midwestapplianceparts.com and eReplacementParts.com. These websites offer a variety of options to meet deep fryer parts replacement needs.


To clean a deep fryer, the user removes cooled oil, wipes away oil with paper towels, and washes the surfaces with a dish soap and water mixture. A vinegar and water solution in the fryer helps remove food odors. The fryer is rinsed and dried to remove soap residue.


Oil less deep fryers are fryers that are able to cook without the use of oil or fat, but the food achieves the crispiness typically associated with fried food. Oil-free fryers can use halogen, convection and infrared heating to cook the food.


The best oils for deep frying are canola, safflower and peanut oils. They have a high smoke point, which is the temperature when the oil starts to break down and burn, and can handle the high temperatures required to deep fry.


A small deep fryer can cook any food that fits inside it without overcrowding the basket or overflowing the oil. Most of these small home appliances can handle everything from handfuls of small shrimp to large chicken breasts.


Reviews for the best deep fryers are available on Amazon.com and Walmart.com. As of 2015, the best-selling deep fryer on Amazon.com is the Waring DF280 deep fryer, while the best-selling deep fryer on Walmart.com is the Farberware 4-liter dual deep fryer.


If a deep fryer is not heating oil, the user should check that it is plugged in to a working outlet and read the product manual to ensure that she did not miss any important instructions. Otherwise, the user may need to repair or replace the deep fryer.


Countertop deep fryers that are marketed to consumers hold approximately 6 to 12 cups of oil. Each fryer's capacity varies widely depending on the manufacturer and appliance size. Larger deep fryers that can accommodate a turkey may require 3 gallons or more of oil.