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To plan for the care of an elder, talk with him to find out about his desires and thoughts about aging, collect essential medical information, obtain a comprehensive geriatric assessment and research potential family and community resources. Create an action plan focusing on his present needs, treat


Some of the advantages to private elder care include keeping the comforts of home, one-on-one care, monetary savings and a reduced risk of hospital admissions. Private care can also assist in other duties, such as cooking, light housekeeping and other bathing.


Government assistance is defined as government aid given to the disabled, poor, elderly or dependent children. Some examples are financial assistance, health care, housing assistance and food stamps.


Elder abuse is the term given to the act of committing harmful acts towards elderly adults, such as physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse and neglect. Financial exploitation and self-neglect due to abandonment are also forms of elderly abuse.


According to Care.com, questions to ask an elder care attorney include those on subjects on when to plan for managing an elderly parent's affairs, how to begin such a conversation with an elderly parent and how to address the subject without making a parent feel defensive. The difficult conversation


An elder lawyer specializes in legal matters that directly affect aging Americans. These matters include probate law, estate planning, health care and guardianship concerns, according to the legal resource site HG.org.


To file an elder care abuse claim, report to a local police station, call an elder care abuse hotline or file the report online. Elder abuse and neglect affects an estimated 1.2 million people in the United States each year, notes the Nursing Home Abuse Guide.


Elder abuse laws relate to the neglect, abuse and financial exploitation of the elderly, according to the National Center on Elder Abuse. Elder abuse laws can be found under a few different state codes, including probate; business and professional; and welfare codes.


Individuals and families can discover if they qualify for government assistance by visiting benefits.gov and using the "benefit finder" to match their situation to relevant types of aid. Government assistance can take various forms and is primarily available for Americans with low incomes.


A personal care assistant is a person hired to take care of and give assistance to people who are elderly, mentally or physically disabled, sick or injured. The responsibility of a personal care assistant is to provide care in the home of a client. Some of the activities performed by personal care w