Historically jewelry was worn daily by all of Egypt's socioeconomic groups, though poorer people wore simpler items. Typical pieces of Egyptian jewelry included amulets, chains, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, ... More »

According to HistoryOnTheNet, the Egyptians often wore jewelry to show social status and wealth, but they mainly wore jewelry for religious purposes. They also wore jewelry as a fashion statement. Rich Egyptians were not... More »

The ancient Egyptians likely made jewelry in workshops where individuals worked in an assembly line-type method creating beads, making gold chains and stringing jewelry. They made bangles, bracelets, anklets, diadems, ne... More »

To find a value for your vintage costume jewelry, hire a professional appraiser or research similar items on auction or specialty websites. If the jewelry comes from an actual brand, check books or magazines that list sp... More »

Sundance clearance jewelry items are available online on the Sundance Outlet jewelry website that's located as a tab on SundanceCatalog.com. The outlet portion of the website also lists many other clearance items, such a... More »

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Accessing the jewelry actions on eBay involves going to the site, navigating to the "Jewelry and Watches" category and then filtering out other items except for those that are being auctioned. There are also options to n... More »

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Brighton factory outlets sell jewelry along with other items, such as handbags, perfume and home decor. However, not all outlets sell the same items and inventory changes frequently. More »

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