The softness of a bed sheet is determined by its thread count — the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet is. Thus, one style or name of sheet is not necessarily softer than the others. More »

A percale sheet is a type of cotton sheet, and the name percale refers to how the cotton threads are woven. Percale is a type of plain weave and is used mostly for bed sheets. More »

Some good brands of bed sheets include JCPenney Cindy Crawford Style 400 Thread Count, QVC Northern Nights Chloe 640 Thread Count and Bed Bath & Beyond Palais Royal sheets, according to Good Housekeeping. All three sheet... More » Home & Garden

A percale weave is a low thread count and tight weave found on sheets and bed linens. The weave is woven in an in and under design, with the threads pulled tightly together in a lattice pattern. More » Home & Garden

Quality sheets can have a thread count as low as 180 threads per inch or as high as 1,000. As a rule, the higher the thread count, the higher quality the sheets. More » Home & Garden

A flat bed sheet is the rectangular top sheet that is placed over the sheet covering the mattress. It protects the comforter and blanket from dirt and grime and is used in place of a blanket on warmer nights. More » Home & Garden

Some tips for buying comfortable bed sheets include considering the materials and looking at the thread count. The weave and pattern of the bed sheets can also make a difference in how they feel. The weave of bed sheets ... More » Home & Garden