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If ringworm of the scalp is left untreated, the bald spots and patches can increase. Individuals with untreated ringworm of the scalp are also at risk for developing kerion, swellings on the scalp that crust over and drain pus. According to Medline Plus, ringworm is a common infection among children, but adults can develop the infection as well.


What Happens If Ringworm Is Untreated?. If a person lives in a warm, damp climate or often wears wet clothing, such as swimsuits or sweaty workout wear, she is at risk for contracting ringworm. This fungal infection is not dangerous and can be easily treated at home. However, if it is left untreated, ringworm can spread and lead to potentially serious health problems.


Complications of ringworm (tinea) can occur rarely in some situations, especially when the infection is severe or has been left untreated for too long... Vital Health Zone


A common fungal family called dermatophytes causes ringworm. The fungus can infect any area of the body where there is skin, hair or nails, and the infection is named for the part of the body that it infects. The parasites do not need light to survive, unlike “green” plants. Left untreated, a ...


Ringworm is normally not a dangerous infection and is easily treated at home. However, if left untreated, it can spread and cause a myriad of potential health issues. It is very important to stress that ringworm is not dangerous and that there are no cases of serious ringworm.


Re: what happens if you let ring worms go untreated? Ringworm is a yeast infection called tinea versicolor. If left untreated it will spread, sweat makes it worse and it's often more noticeable in the summer because the spots don't tan.


Doctors give unbiased, trusted information on the use of Trichophyton for Ringworm (Tinea): Dr. Werner on untreated ringworm in humans: Good that it is not common in humans in the U.S. It has showed up in hawaii and louisiana. Some of the things it can lead to are serious.


Find information about common, infrequent and rare side effects of Ringworm Topical.


If the fungi that causes ringworm appears in that cultured sample, a patient can be diagnosed as having a ringworm infection. How is Tinea treated? Some ringworm infections may get better on their own without any treatment. Patients with minor symptoms also may be able to get rid of their ringworm with simple self-care measures.


Human ringworm is treated in a similar way, through the use of antifungal ointments or crèmes. The Risks of Untreated Ringworm. If you do not treat your cat’s ringworm infection right away, then complications could arise. In fact, skin lesions are one of the most common complications that come from ringworm.