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Other forms of ocean pollutions like noise, acid rain, climate change and ocean acidification can also take their toll on marine life. Statistics on the Effects of Ocean Pollution. Statistics on the effects of ocean pollution on fish and other marine life are difficult to determine because of the number of animals involved and the size of the ...


Plastic kills fish, birds, marine mammals and sea turtles, destroys habitats and even affects animals’ mating rituals, which can have devastating consequences and can wipe out entire species. Learn more about ocean pollution and how it affects marine life and humanity with the infographic below.


Other specific effects of ocean pollution on sea life include: Oil covering the feathers of birds and the gills of fish. Skin and eye irritation, and lung and liver problems, from oil deposits and byproducts. Reproductive system failure from exposure to poisonous industrial and agricultural chemicals.


This is the major problem with plastic killing marine life because plastic that makes it to the ocean will be there for a very long time, making all the life in the ocean vulnerable to its damaging effects. Plastic killing marine life. Once the plastic is in the ocean, it becomes a part of the ecosystem.


Marine life is an important part of the ecology and human have disturbed the ecology by polluting marine life. We are continuously contaminating sea water by releasing a huge variety of waste from various sources such as industrial waste, agricultural waste, oil spilling, ocean mining etc. There are various species of plants & animals that are living in the sea water and gets affected by ...


Up to 13 million tons of plastic waste enters the ocean each year, threatening marine ecosystems and the people who depend on them. Global awareness about plastic pollution has grown tremendously in the last decade as nongovernmental organizations and scientists have better documented the environmental and economic impacts of this material on ...


Lethal Effects of Ocean Pollution. The ocean influences weather, human and marine life forms, and the environment in general. On this regard, it merely means that the effects of polluting our oceans can be far-reaching. The increase of ocean pollution is continually affecting the health humans and most importantly the survival of marine life.


Marine debris. Marine debris is a persistent pollution problem that reaches throughout the entire ocean and Great Lakes. Our ocean and waterways are polluted with a wide variety of marine debris, ranging from tiny microplastics, smaller than 5 mm, to derelict fishing gear and abandoned vessels.Worldwide, hundreds of marine species have been negatively impacted by marine debris, which can harm ...


Ocean pollution is a serious issue for everyone. It affects both the marine creatures and humans. It can give a huge negative impacts to the human life. Humans heavily depend on the ocean for food, recreational activities and even medicines.


The Species Most Affected by Plastic Pollution in Marine Life. A staggering number of animals die as a result of plastic pollution in the marine environment. The list is so long that we cannot exhaust it in one article. What follows is a brief discussion of impacts on some of the most affected marine creatures. 1. Fish