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The impacts of the industrial revolution started to surface in the early 1960s, at about 200 years after it had started. The effects of the industrial revolution ranged from energy sanitation and usage, public health, the impact of natural resources, social improvements, health and life longevity as well as human development.


Prezi about the inventions of the industrial revolution, and how they affect us today.


Now that we have looked at how and why the Industrial Revolution occurred, it’s time to consider its effects on people. We learned that industrial production increased tremendously, bringing wealth and power to Great Britain throughout the 19th century.


The industrial revolution undeniably affects how we live in this day and age. Without the tenacious efforts of workers to get better wages by striking, we would not be where we are today in our workplace.


For one, there were the problems of urbanization during the industrial revolution. There was a lot of migration of the workforce to the urban areas. The population distribution everywhere didn't remain equal, like it was before. This led to the many problems we face even today, like pollution, space crunch, family division, child labor, etc.


The Effects of the Industrial Revolution Today . The Effects of the Industrial Revolution Today The effects of the Industrial Revolution are still very important today. Most of the effects occurred to help men and women employers and were very advantageous, although some effects made life harder for workers who struggled to find jobs.


Rockets, submarines, machine guns, camouflage and even the modest tin food can: from the horrors of battle came discoveries and inventions that still shape the way we fight and live today. CITY LIVING. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, the day-to-day lives of ordinary Britons had remained unchanged for centuries.


The most obvious consequence of Industrial Revolution was the institution of the machine, which alleviated the work of human labor and, in some cases, replaced it. List of causes of the Industrial Revolution . The causes of the Industrial Revolution can be seen from an economic, social and technological point of view.


The effects of the Industrial Revolution were vast and far-reaching changes in the political, economic and social structure of the countries in which it took place. Beginning in Britain in 1750, technological innovations and inventions spawned the growth of large machine-production factories and economic specialization.


How the Industrial Revolution Affected Society The industrial revolution had a major effect on society by creating social class division. The working class emerged as the majority of the population when people joined the workforce. The familial social units that made up society as it was known changed as women left home and entered the workforce.