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The effects of drought are widespread and have devastating effects on the environment and the society as a whole. Water use is part and parcel of almost every human activity as well as the life of plants and animals. On this basis, extended deficiency of water can affect the society in various ways both directly and indirectly. The effects can ...


Drought, however, can be very harsh on any type of community. One impact of drought on communities is its effect on water supply. When drought conditions persist with no relief, or not enough precipitation to lift the drought conditions, water restrictions are put into place by local or state governments.


Drought conditions often provide too little water to support food crops, through either natural precipitation or irrigation using reserve water supplies. The same problem affects grass and grain used to feed livestock and poultry. When drought undermines or destroys food sources, people go hungry.


Drought affects all parts of our environment and our communities. The many different drought impacts are often grouped as “economic,” “environmental,” and “social” impacts. All of these impacts must be considered in planning for and responding to drought conditions. Let's take a closer look at all kinds of drought impacts.


The main cause of water shortage is drought. Drought is a natural disaster that can have far reaching impacts. According to the National Climate data Centre, droughts comes in second to hurricanes in regards to causing severe economic impacts. This is why people must learn to insulate themselves from it implications by ensuring prudent use of ...


Effects of Drought on the Environment. Water is essential to all life on Earth and a shortage of this vital resource in the environment is bound to negatively affect all forms of life. The environmental effects of a drought can include: Wetlands Dry Up. A deficit of water can lead to the drying out of wetland habitats.


A drought or drouth is a natural disaster of below-average precipitation in a given region, resulting in prolonged shortages in the water supply, whether atmospheric, surface water or ground water. A drought can last for months or years, or may be declared after as few as 15 days.


Drought is a reduction in precipitation over an extended period.This rain shortfall creates a water shortage which damages crops, livestock, and other human activities. A drought has both direct and indirect impacts.It directly reduces farmers' crops.


Short-Term Drought Impacts. During drought, declines in surface water flows can be detrimental to water supplies for agriculture and cities, hydropower production, navigation, recreation, and habitat for aquatic and riparian species. Several California Water Science Center streamgages have recently recorded streamflows that are below all-time record lows for specific days of the year.


But the effects of drought are actually much more far-reaching and complex, as they affect the health, economy and stability of an area over time. Droughts can lead to famine, wildfires, habitat damage, malnutrition, mass migration (for both people and animals,) disease, social unrest, and even war. ...