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MedlinePlus states that drinking large amounts of Windex leads to window cleaner poisoning. A few of the common symptoms experienced after ingesting Windex or any glass cleaner include throat swelling, difficulty breathing, and abdominal pain.


Windex; Other window cleaners are also available. ... If the person swallowed the window cleaner, give them water or milk right away, unless a provider tells you not to. DO NOT give anything to drink if the person has symptoms that make it hard to swallow. These include vomiting, convulsions, or a decreased level of alertness. ...


Windex contains cleaning agents, solvents, surfactants, and ammonia. Drink any amount of glass cleaner and you’ll experience serious abdominal pain, throat swelling, and difficulty breathing; your odds of serious injury or death depend on the quantity consumed and how quickly it’s treated.


There is a situation with a young female that may be facing 20yrs for putting windex in her roommates food. It is a slow and painful way to go.


Drinking Windex can be fatal. It contains both ammon... Windex contains Ammonia-D and Alcohol, which do kill some bacteria, but not to the degree that Windex can claim to be a disenfectant cleaner.


The following information (Health Effects, Handling/Disposal, and Ingredients) is taken from the product label and/or the (Material) Safety Data Sheet, (M)SDS, prepared by the manufacturer. The National Library of Medicine does not test products nor does it evaluate information from the product label or the (M)SDS.


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Do you ever wonder, "How much of this can I accidentally ingest before I die?" Yeah, so do we. For your safety (and enjoyment) here's a bunch of stuff you should only enjoy in small quantities or not at all. Some things just don't belong in your mouth.


These have been linked to adverse effects on male children, reduced sperm count in adult men, and increased allergic symptoms and asthma in children. Windex is as synonymous in our language for window cleaner as Kleenex is for tissue. Windex frequently touts the fact that it is “Windex with Ammonia” directly on the label.


She wasn't vomiting, and mostly seemed mad that I took her bottle of Windex away. I offered her milk and cookies and she took them. Okay, I thought. Drinking Windex is not the end of the world. We ended up at the gym later, and it occurred to me that I should warn the childcare providers that she may vomit Windex.