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Oregon State University and Arizona State University offer online bachelor's degrees and adult education programs as of June 2015. Both universities offer academic support to students and career support services to graduates.


Free online education courses and programs are available from KhanAcademy.org, EdX.org and CourseRA.org. Available courses cover topics including computer science, math, history, psychology and physics. There are courses that are self-paced as well as courses that follow an academic quarter or semes


Online educational activities are typically games or drills geared toward elementary and middle school students. They cover subjects such as math, reading, science, social studies and critical thinking skills, among others.


KnowledgeAdventure.com and ABCya.com offer several free educational games online for children. As of 2015, KnowledgeAdventure.com lists games covering different subjects such as science, spelling, reading and math, while ABCya.com is centralized around reading comprehension and math.


Some advantages of online education include self-paced learning, the opportunity to enhance career knowledge and skills while employed, and lower tuition, says Huffington Post. New, engaging and innovative learning mediums and the lack of a commute are additional benefits.


Online education books can be found at BookBoon.com. This site offers free and paid digital textbooks that can be downloaded in PDF format. The textbooks in this site are rated and reviewed with most of them receiving an average rating of 5 stars.


Some free online education resources are KhanAcademy.com, CK12.org and NeoK12.com. These websites offer free educational materials in different subjects for students in grades ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade.


According to Distance Learning Net and Nurse Without Borders, nurses who acquire their degrees online can be trusted if they are educated by a reputably accredited institution that also has a traditional campus. There are drawbacks, however, such as a lack of opportunity to learn by working directly


Some educational online resources for kids include Kids.gov, e-learning for kids and the website of the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Of these, e-learning for kids is perhaps the most comprehensive, complete with a range of full "courseware," or courses, designed to complement learning at


There are a number of online educational games for kids including reading games, such as Uppercase Letters Photoshoot and Long and Short Vowel Sort, as well as math games like Ten Frame Signs and Addition Pizza Party. Many games are hosted on the same websites, such as Education.com, making it easy