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Haircutting stories are a niche fetish genre of literature detailing stories about men or women who have their hair cut. While the majority of the genre is for people with hair fetishes, some are good stories in their own right and use the haircut as a secondary part of...


Some online haircut games include “Kids Hair Salon” and “Real Haircuts: Rapunzel.” Players control both games using a computer mouse. Since these are free-to-play Flash games, they don't require any downloads.


The best haircuts for a square-shaped face include an angled bob, a bob with waves or curls, long and asymmetrical layers, and layers starting at the chin with medium-length hair. Ideal haircuts for this shape of face are those that detract from the blunt lines.


A fade haircut features longer hair on the top that gradually shortens toward the sides and back, leaving no hair on the skin. Ideally, the fade hairstyle is blended in order to give a fading effect as the hair gets shorter.


Some good haircuts for a round face are the tapered pixie, asymmetrical bob, side-swept bangs, long and wavy and single length styles. Women with round faces can wear many different haircuts. For example, long hair cuts can add length to a round face.


One trendy look for boys in 2015 is the always-cool Mohawk, which looks great with short, medium or long hair. Two more cool styles for boys are the simple, long surfer hairdo, or by contrast, the simple buzz-cut.


A bob haircut is a short hairstyle, usually worn by women. Bobbed hair is cut off straight, without layers, at about the level of the jaw. There are many variations of the classic bob hairstyle, including the long bob and the asymmetrical bob.