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The shape up haircut goes by many names, including the “line up” or “edge up”. Shape up haircut styles offer a great way to clean up the hairline, especially after a fresh fade. Although some men try to experiment with edge up clippers to line up the hair around their temples and sideburns, given the […]


A Shape-Up, also called a Line-Up or a Edge-up, is a hairstyle that involves cutting along the natural hairline to make it straight.Shape-ups or edge-ups are basically the fundamental outline for haircuts today. The haircut grew in popularity during the 1980s, typically with those who have Afro-textured hair.Edge-ups are typically found among men, and often on women with short hair.


HAIRCUT: Edge up/Taper/Crispy Line on 360 Waves HD 360Jeezy. ... How To Cut 360 Waves With A Part HD* (Paul George) ... HD I Edge Up I Dr.fillin - Duration: 15:09. Get_Beamed 77,730 views. 15:09.


The lined up or shape up haircut for men is gradually taking the forefront of the latest hairstyle trends and barbers are creating innovative ideas to make this range of hairstyle more stylish and cool. Instead of the natural hairline, the back, temples and the forehead are shaved to create straight lines and sharp angles.


The line up haircut, also known as the edge up or shape up, is more popular than ever as barbers show off their skills and designs. So what is a line up haircut? It’s a type of haircut that requires straightening of the hairline. This means that, instead of a natural hairline, your barber uses clippers […]


Best Answer: An "edge" just means to even out the hairline. This is usually done with clippers to create a neater, straighter hairline. Getting an "edge" isn't really getting a haircut (though the two can be done in conjunction). It just makes the hairline look a lot better.


The shape up hairstyle, also sometimes called a “line-up” or an “edge-up” is a way to shape the haircut. This shaping involves straightening of the hairline. In fact, there is no actual cutting. The barber will use outliners (Clippers) or a razor to make neat lines around the client’s haircut.


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This is a step by step tutorial on how to do a proper line up on a client, with pointed sideburns. ... How To Edge up | Shape up | Line up | Step By Step Matt Giftedhands ... From Bald To Edge Up ...


Barbers specialize in cutting men’s hair--they are trained, licensed professionals. Black men’s haircuts tend to be short and close to the head. Very careful detailing goes into cutting the hair, blending and lining the hair up across the back, front and sides of the ...