Calculator to convert money in Ecuadorian Sucre (ECS) to and from United States Dollar (USD) using up to date exchange rates.

Currency converter The converter shows the conversion of 1 US dollar to ... those given by financial institutions as banks, brokers or money transfer companies.

Historical trend chart and analysis of US dollar to Ecuadorian sucre exchange rates. Use our free currency converter to get today's best rates in real-time.

The article provides a historical summary of the currency used in Ecuador. The present currency of Ecuador is the United States dollar. ... Obv. arms of Colombia, rim inscription EL ECUADOR EN COLOMBIA and QUITO below the arms; rev.

Online calculator to convert money from Ecuadorian sucre (ECS) to United States dollar (USD) using up to date exchange rates. Source: free currency rates ...

May 2, 2014 ... What money tells us about what makes a state a state.

Ecuador US Dollar - USD. Ecuador. You've no doubt heard of Ecuador, but you may ... exchange rate between your home currency and the Ecuador US dollar.

When Ecuador retired the sucre and adopted the U.S. dollar in 2000, not all Ecuadorians were thrilled about the change. Some felt that the country was ...

Mar 3, 2012 ... Full Day Quito City Tour Including Teleférico and Mitad del Mundo .... US dollar is the oficial currency of Ecuador since January of 2000.

United States Dollars - USD is the national currency in Ecuador. ..... be liable to users or any third party for any damage or loss incurred, monetary or otherwise, ...