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During Christmas, Ecuadorians may attend Catholic Mass, exchange gifts with each other, have a festive meal, take their children to malls to see Santa Claus, display large decorations and give to charity, much like in the United States. However, farmers may just attend Mass and spend time with their


As of Dec. 23, 2014, the currency used in Ecuador is the United States Dollar. Prior to this transition, the Ecuadorian currency was called the sucre, which was named after a revolutionary war hero named Antonio Jose de Sucre.


Ecuador is known for its rich biodiversity, tropical habitats and friendly culture. The warm climate makes it a common destination for travelers because it is easily explored at any time of year. Located in South America, Ecuador has a varied geography with rain forests, mountains and beaches.


The Republic of Ecuador is located in the northwestern corner of the South American continent and is crossed by the equator, which is the source of its modern-day name. The 109,484-square-mile nation is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, by Peru to the east and south and by Columbia to the n


The climate in Ecuador can be either spring-like and cold or tropical and warm, depending on a person's location. If an individual is at the beach or in the rain forests, he experiences a tropical climate of hot and sunny weather. If he is in the mountains, he experiences spring-like temperatures an


The quality of homes in Ecuador varies depending on the city and the location within the city. Major urban areas such as Cuenca feature many newer homes that offer standard and luxury amenities, as do beachfront properties in popular tourist locations such as Atacames. However, many rural and smalle


Ecuador shares a 440-mile border with Colombia to the north and a 950-mile border with Peru to the east and south. It also has a 1,390-mile coastline on the Pacific Ocean to the west.


Retirement in Ecuador offers the opportunity for a good lifestyle without a lot of financial strain, according to International Living. The country offers a low cost of living with many benefits such as warm, tropical weather and a variety of natural resources, from beaches to jungles and densely po


Find maps of Ecuador at National Geographic and World Atlas. The National Geographic map is an interactive map where you can zoom out in and in and view the roads and topography.


Manta, Ecuador has beautiful coastlines and a developed infrastructure with modern conveniences, such as hot running water, electricity and paved roads. Manta is Ecuador's second largest port city and contains an immense amount of industrial and shipping businesses. Industrial sites, such as cargo s