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Eco-tourism or ‘Ecological Tourism’ is a rising form of international tourism. It is intended for promoting awareness about environment among people and facilitating preservation of wildlife. It comes with a number of benefits and pitfalls as well. Find below some of those advantages and disadvantages of eco-tourism: Advantages of Eco-tourism


Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of ecotourism, I believe it is best to come up with a clear concept and definition of what Ecotourism actually is (also commonly referred to as Ecological Tourism). There are numerous definitions surrounding 'Ecotourism' but I reckon the Collins Dictionary definition of 'Ecotourism' sums...


Financial benefits toward conservation: When people spend money on ecotourism, some of it goes toward conservation efforts like reforestation and endangered species repopulation projects. Essentially, the more money spent on ecotourism, the easier it will be to finance conservation projects.


The advantages of ecotourism include the preservation of natural habitats and resources, support of local economies, and the education of ecotourists on local cultures and traditions, sustainable ...


What Are the Disadvantages of Ecotourism? Ecotourism can bring needed funds to conservation efforts around the globe, but it can also put stress on wildlife and local populations, if not handled correctly. ... ecotourism benefits and drawbacks ecotourism advantages advantages and disadvantages of ecotourism negatives of ecotourism pros of ...

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Benefits Drawbacks What are the drawbacks of Ecotourism? While nature tourism is growing at a yearly rate of 20% and continues to convert an increasing number of travelers to sustainable tourism, ecotourism is expected to take up to a fourth of the world’s travel market by 2013. As shown by


What are the advantages and disadvantages of ecotourism? Eco-tourism is, Tourism involving travel to areas of natural or ecological interest, typically under the guidance of a naturalist, for the ...


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Ecotourism (sustainable tourism) is a part of environmental conservation, and understanding what the needs of the people are who are local to the area so that you can help to improve their quality of life. It also involves learning more about the history of other cities and preserving the historical landmarks.


The Costs of Ecotourism in Costa Rica While there have been many benefits associated with ecotourism in Costa Rica as outlined above, there have also been costs. One of the more fundamental issues surrounding ecotourism is the lack of standards regarding its practice.