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Though the exact terms of economy shipping vary depending on the shipping company, in general, it is a budget-friendly form of shipping that normally takes longer than other options. Economy shipping is a suitable option for businesses that are concerned with keeping co...


To track an item on eBay, sign in to your eBay account, click on the My eBay button located on the top of most eBay pages, and then click on the Purchase History link. Find the item on the list, and click on the tracking number uploaded by the seller.


Tracking an item that you purchased on eBay is a fairly easy task. Simply open your Internet browser on your electronic device and go to the eBay webpage. By using the My eBay page you are able to track all purchases you made through your eBay account. You need your eBa...


While eBay.com does not give out free shipping codes, it does offer regular deals that include free shipping on certain items. Other websites, such as Groupon.com, DealsPlus.com and Coupons.com, highlight these deals and redirect users to the appropriate Web pages.


eBay is essentially an online marketplace that was developed to facilitate trade on international, national and local levels; millions of items are traded on a daily basis via the platform. The items are traded via auction style listings in which bidding starts at a pri...


One way to reduce shipping costs on eBay purchases is to use the United States Postal Service as often as possible for basic shipping needs. Many commercial shipping companies have higher prices than USPS because they include extra features that USPS charges extra money...


To track a USPS shipment, enter the tracking number into the tool on the USPS website. A tracking number is given to the customer when the package is shipped.