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Economic profit is a measurement of opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is the value of the trade-off when a decision is made. For example, an individual may consider returning to school to get a ...


Economic profit should not be confused with accounting profit, which is a firm's revenue minus its explicit costs. Explicit costs are what most people think of as regular business expenses.


In economics, profit in the accounting sense of the excess of revenue over cost is the sum of two components: normal profit and economic profit.All understanding of profit should be broken down into three aspects: the size of profit, the portion of the total income, and the rate of profit (in comparison to the initial investment).


Definition: Economic profit is the profitability measurement that calculates the amount that revenues received from selling a product exceeds opportunity costs incurred from using resources to make and sell these products. In other words, it’s the excess money a company earned from one course of action over another had they chosen differently.


Economic Profit = $12000 . Summing Up: (a) Accounting profit is the firm's total revenue less its explicit costs (b) Economic profit to the economist is the total revenue of a firm less explicit and implicit cost. Implicit cost includes normal profit to attract and retain an entrepreneur engaged in the present line of production. Relevant ...


Economic profit is the total revenue generated by a business minus total opportunity costs. It is a more theoretical way of looking at a company's profitability that differs from the standard accounting profit reflected on the company's income statement, which simply subtracts the cost of producing goods and services from total revenue.


Economic profit is defined as the difference between total revenue and the explicit plus implicit costs of production. It’s the same as profit. Economic profit per unit equals price minus average total cost, or In this illustration, economic profit per unit is illustrated by the double-headed arrow labeled ð/q. Total profit equals profit per unit […]


The term “profit” may bring images of money to mind, but to economists, profit encompasses more than just cash. In general, profit is the difference between costs and revenue, but there is a difference between accounting profit and economic profit.