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Arthropods are a popular source of foods to humans and also have other ecological roles. Some common arthropods that are good sources of food are crustaceans such as crabs and prawns. The arthropod class of animals includes insects, which also have important ecological and economic roles.


Arthropods have been in existence even in prehistoric times, thus the long list of benefits were discovered as far back as ancient Egyptian, Roman and Chinese times. Understand the ecological importance of the different animals belonging to the arthropod kingdom through this article. Appreciate their importance to agriculture and the balance of the entire ecological system as well if plants ...


Arthropods are invertebrates that constitute over 90% of the animal kingdom, and their bio-ecology is closely linked with global functioning and survival. Arthropods play an important role in maintaining the health of ecosystems, provide livelihoods and nutrition to human communities, and are important indicators of environmental change.


Because of the great diversity of arthropods there is a great diversity in their behaviors. Ecosystem Roles: Arthropods are found in all consumers' roles of an ecosystem, whether they eat plants or animals, and some are important decomposers. They are important in the pollination of flowering plants.


Adventive species may or may not play a significant role in the decomposition of remains. Arthropods in this ecological role are not necessarily attracted to decaying remains, but use it as an extension of their natural habitats. Adventive species originate within the vegetation and soils surrounding decomposing remains.


Decomposition may not be the most glorious role of insects and other arthropods, but it's one of the most important. Without decomposers, waste would quickly accumulate into devastating, not to mention foul-smelling, masses. As primary and secondary decomposers, many arthropods help breakdown decomposing matter.


Arthropods form an economically important group of animals. ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE OF PHYLUM-ARTHROPODA.... 1. Merostomata..... • American species (Limulus polyphemus) sometimes fed to chickens & pigs • Female specimens preferred on account of their eggs of which half- a-pint may be crowded into a cephalic shield Limulus • It is believed that poultry polyphemus will lay more eggs • It ...


The use of arthropods in ecosystem analysis is cost effective. Arthropods are easily, quickly, and cheaply sampled, thereby pro-viding means to obtain timely, cost-effective ecosystem informa-tion. Detailed sampling proto-cols exist for virtually all groups of arthropods in habitats ranging from derived soils in forest cano-


Role of Arthropods in Maintaining Soil Fertility Thomas W. Culliney ... Arthropods function on two of the three broad levels of organization of the soil food web: ... Soils originate and accumulate in a sequence of events that mark the stages of ecological succession, the development of biotic communities. Soil formation, or pedogenesis ...


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