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To post a used car for auction or sale on eBay, make an account, take photographs of the car and make a listing with a description of the car. Users also need to register for a form of payment and input contact information.


Registered eBay users have the option of selling used vehicles on the eBay Motors section of the website. Users create auto listings similar to other eBay auction listings. The seller sets the terms of the sale, including a deposit and methods of paying off the remaining balance.


Whether or not someone should buy used auto parts on eBay depends on that person's individual comfort level and preferences. The site allows users to purchase parts at a discounted rate compared to new parts, but doesn't offer the same protection against malfunction and fraud that other retailers do


As of October 2015, there over 1,200 used boats on eBay. Most sellers on eBay offer used boats at a fixed price, while others auction them. Some used boats come with trailers.


It is safe to buy used and refurbished electronics on eBay if the buyer purchases items from a seller with good buyer feedback and uses a secure payment method, such as PayPal. Previously owned electronics on eBay may have damage or may require repairs.


Most of the used car and truck auctions on eBay are within the $10,001 to $100,000 price range, according to a query made on the site in January 2015. The search resulted in 25,000 auctions within that price range.


A variety of used motorcycle parts are available on eBay.com, as of March 2015. The auction website also carries re-manufactured parts and used motorcycles that are sold for parts.


Some typical used motor parts available on eBay are camshafts, oil filler caps, pistons, rocker arms and valve covers, among many others. These parts are listed under the Engines and Components subcategory of the Car and Truck Parts product category.


Used car lifts are available on eBay.com in the Shop and Equipment Supplies category. Available brands include SuperLifts, BendPak, Kwik-Lift and Space Maker Industries, as of June 2015. Ebay.com offers car lift search filters including price, location, delivery options, purchase format and others.


Buying commercial trucks on eBay can be a good deal, depending on the number of bidders, the company that is selling them and options for extended warranties and financing. Truck leasing companies like Penske sell parts of their fleet through eBay stores, and provide up-to-date maintenance records f