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EBay sells things on a person's behalf through its Sell for Me service. The owner of the item receives 70 percent of the sale price. In order to facilitate the sale, the owner ships or takes the item to a local drop-off center.


eBay Motors can be a safe marketplace to sell or purchase a vehicle. eBay offers vehicle purchase protection when the transaction is completed through eBay.


Skid steers are available for sale by owners and users on eBay in the Heavy Equipment category. Skid steers are purchasable through eBay auctions and Buy It Now listings. Skid steer makes available include Bobcat, Case, Caterpillar, John Deere and others, as of April 2015.


Find the best secondhand accordions for sale on eBay by looking for listings of individual instruments versus lots and focusing on sellers with warranties and return policies. Always conduct thorough research on the instrument and the seller, including asking questions about its condition and any da


If you have an eBay account, log in and click on Sell from the menu on the top left. If you do not have an eBay account, you must set one up before you can begin to sell anything.


Prints of P. Buckley Moss artwork are available on eBay, as of December 2015. Available prints include "Skating in the Park," "The New Generation" and "To Grandma with Love."


Before buying a used tractor on eBay, make sure you have adequate information about the condition of the tractor. Make sure it is large enough for your intended use as well.


Auction site eBay contains many listings for used Jeeps, including models such as the Cherokee, Compass and Liberty. The site allows users to filter results based on the model, year, price, seller location and vehicle options such as transmission type or number of cylinders.


Selling a used custom van on eBay requires registering on eBay.com, then listing the custom van using eBay's tools. EBay provides an online tutorial on how to sell a vehicle.


Used drag racing cars are available through eBay's eBay Motors auction site. Models, prices and availability vary substantially from time to time, but drag vehicles ranging from street-legal passenger cars to top fuel-style purpose-built dragsters are often available through the site.