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The relationship between sugar and nausea is complex. In some cases, sugar can cause a reaction, making you feel nauseous. In other situations, you may feel nauseated and turn to sugar to settle your stomach and ease your discomfort. Additionally, the sugar in your blood can fluctuate too high or ...


If you usually feel sick after eating sugary foods, chances are it's no coincidence. So how could sugar be affecting your body? And how might you counter the ill effects of the sweets you consume? Here's some helpful advice. It could be you’re suffering from simple indigestion, especially if you ...


Sugar Makes Me Feel Sick: Causes and Treatments; Sugar Makes Me Feel Sick: Causes and Treatments. ... Other than nausea and vomiting after eating sugar, symptoms also include extreme thirst, increased frequency of urination, weight loss, weakness, confusion, cramps in legs, and in severe conditions, loss of consciousness and coma.


Why Do I Experience Nausea After Eating Sugar? After consuming sugary foods or drinks, a person might feel nauseous due to a spike in blood glucose levels. High blood glucose is more technically referred to as hyperglycemia, according to the American Diabetes Association.


Why do I feel nauseous when I consume sugar or sweet foods? ... Why does sugar and high sugar foods make me feel so bad? ... Why do I feel nauseous when I’m really tired? Related Questions. Why do I feel nauseous after eating sugar? How can someone feel sick after consuming sugar? Why do I keep vomiting my food? I don't feel sick, in pain, or ...


Why does eating sugary foods make me feel sick? Becoming sick/nauseous after eating sugar has been happening to me a lot the last couple of years. When I was younger, I'm 26 now, I would eat sugary food and there would be no noticeable side effects. Diabetes runs in my family, last year I was checked and I don't have diabetes, so that's not it.


Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Hirsch on i feel sick after eating sugar: Your question is too nonspecific & offers no information about your symptoms, signs, risks. "gi problems" run the spectrum from cancer to infection, inflammation, ischemia, metabolic disorders, motility issues, malabsorption/ maldigestion, stress, &...


Type 2 diabetes, or high blood sugar, can result in nausea after sweets and occurs when blood sugar rises to a dangerous level. In addition to nausea after eating sweets, individuals with high blood sugar may experience a host of other frightening symptoms, including extreme thirst, weakness, confusion, cramping in the legs and even convulsions.


Nausea comes in many forms. Sometimes it can be mild and short-lived. Other times, it can be severe and last for a long time. For people with diabetes, nausea is a common complaint. It can even be ...


Why Eating Sugar Makes Me Sick? We all know that sugar is a bad nemesis of our teeth and waistline. Too much sugar does not only negatively affect these two aspects of our health, but also our overall health. If you have experienced sick feeling after eating sugar, you might be wondering why it happens so. Below are some explanations behind that.