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Smoked mullet is unbelievable, a symphony of the flavors of smoke and the sea that will transform the way you think about eating fish. I like to smoke it on pecan chunks, which lends the fish a subtle, peppery hint, although mesquite is a close second.


Ok clarify this for me. Is Sea Mullet the NC name for Whiting which is actually scientifically known as King Fish?:confused: Also there are two species of King Fish, Northern King Fish and Southern King Fish, which is a Sea Mullet or are both jointly refered to as Sea Mullet Also why in the world with something that tastes as good as Whiting, would anyone call it a Mullet.


Mullet, much like catfish, are what most lay-folks would term "bottom-feeders," although if hard pressed I doubt any of them could give you a clear or accurate description of what they mean by that term. Broadly, mullets eat whatever they can, feeding on organic detritus, nibbling plants, and chasing the occasional invertebrate.


It's like the venison of the sea, certainly not the "rat of the sea" as, alas, certain Lone Star anglers would have it. Unless you consider the mullet's ability to clean the ecosystem via its ...


Some look down their noses at eating mullet but the true locals consider it a delicacy. Does'nt hurt that they are easy to catch in throw nets! I enjoyed the stuff. ... Sometimes known as the "bread of the sea" mullet are a staple in some parts of the world. If you eat fish and chips in England you may be eating mullet.


When it comes the food that they eat, you won’t have any difficulty in using the right bait since mullet likes to eat any food that people want to eat. This makes it a whole lot easier for you to choose the kind of bait that you will use when catching mullets. You can use hot dog, sausage or even cheese.


And a sea mullet for every pot. I think the spot is in first place and then the sea mullet as far as eating goes. The bones don't bother me in the least. they just slow me down a tad to get at the sweet meat.


AMCS report that the reason for their 'Eat Less' rating of QLD sea mullet is the result of concerns regarding fishery management, specifically uncertainty around interactions with threatened species. They have no concern about the status of sea mullet stocks themselves. Mullet are a great sustainable choice, as well as being cheap and delicious.


Mullet can eat a range of things like bread, algae, guppies and other weeds and plants that may live around mud and mangroves. 5 people ... What does a sea mullet look like?


i have eaten mullet off and on all my life. what i wonder is, sometimes the mullet is not good. (i can see where people that don't like mullet probably had these fish) other times the mullet is some of the best fried fish i have eaten. i was wondering if it is the life cycle that a mullet, at times would be better than other times. maybe some of the life long mullet eaters could give us some i...