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Not too many folks, though, also eat the bait. The main reason is they are small, but, big flavors can come in small packages. I have a video on Mole Crabs and Coquina here and an article on Coquina here. Mole crabs, also called the Atlantic Sand Crab, are certainly among the smallest of crabs.


Emerita is a small genus of decapod crustaceans, known as mole crabs, sand crabs, sand fleas, sand fiddlers or sea cicada.These small animals burrow in the sand in the swash zone and use their antennae for filter feeding.


Description of the sand flea, also known as the mole crab or sand crab. Techiques for catching sand fleas (mole crabs), how to hook sand fleas, how to store mole crabs, Where to look for them in the sand, and how to find them in the sand or on the beach.


Cooking sand fleas/ crabs on OBX and eating them...a la Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods. And they were tasty! ... How to Cook Sand Fleas (aka Mole Crabs)and Eat Em designerpianogirl. Loading...


Sand crabs, like all species of crabs, can be eaten. Sand crabs are also called mole crabs, and while they are often considered ugly in appearance, they are crunchy and flavorful. Sand crabs are often used by fisherman as bait to help catch pompano, red drum and even kingfish.


Emerita analoga, the Pacific sand crab or Pacific mole crab, is a species of small, sand-burrowing decapod crustacean found living in the sand along the temperate western coasts of North and South America. It is found on exposed sandy beaches in the swash region of the intertidal zone


Mole crabs, indeed crabs, are often called sand crabs, and they're sometimes thought to be sand fleas. But they're members of the Emerita genus of Decapoda, a different order of crustaceans than the sand fleas. They’re slightly larger, averaging 1 to 2 inches long. Like regular crabs, they have hard outer shells.


The Mole Crabs are considered good bait for Pompano, Red Drum, Sheepshead, and Kingfish (Whiting). Some people even eat Mole Crabs, though hundreds must be gathered to make a meal. The Mole Crabs are steamed to make a broth which can be used as a base for chowder. Incidentally, you can pick up the “kinda cute” Mole Crab.


I just tried some mole crabs last night. I’m trying lot’s of new foods now, i.e., the sand sharks and blow fish the locals through away on the pier are most likely the best eating fish landed. OK Cobia and Pompano rate higher. After cleaning the crabs (deveining) I cooked them in a fry daddy after dusting with Autry’s seafood breader/curry.