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Wild worms can carry parasites and germs that can be harmful. It comes down to the soil conditions they are living in and the environment. Worms that are farm raised for eating are fed pest-free food that helps keeps them clean and parasite-free. This is why buying worms from a reputable dealer is preferable to going out and hunting your own worms.


Eating worms is not necessarily bad for humans. In fact, there are some worms that may be rather useful in treating certain illnesses. There are also some worms that we might eat unintentionally that will not usually cause us any harm.


Why Eating Earthworms is Dangerous for Dogs. When humans eat earthworms, they remove the “soil” from the intestinal tract of the worm (which is basically the whole worm) and then cook it well. Dogs, of course, like their earthworms raw and straight from the ground.


Find out if earthworms are harmful to his health and if you should prevent him from eating them. Ask AKC Dear AKC: I have a 14-month old pug who eats earthworms every chance he gets.


Are fruit worms harmful to your health if ingested?? Yesterday I accidentally ate a guava worm and I steered having a bad stomach ache. I don t know if it was the actual eating if the worm that was causing the stomach ache or me just freaking myself out.


Thus, it is inadvisable for your dog to eat any sort of worm, not necessarily because the worms themselves are harmful (although they could be), but because of what may be in or on the worms. So, the answer to the question we posed at the beginning of this article is this: yes, it could be harmful for dogs to eat worms, depending on other factors.


No. It's a really bad experience for the worm, however. Seriously, where you could get into trouble is with a microorganism called Cyclospora, but that is not carried by the worm. There is currently an outbreak in Texas that has been traced to pro...


Eating worms is good for you. ... But they need not have worried. Although it may leave a bad taste in the mouth, scientists have discovered that eating worms is good for you.


Safety Concerns. Earthworms harbor infectious parasites. Our canine friends sometimes like to munch on them, but note that it is dangerous dangerous for dogs to eat earthworms. If there are pesticides in the soil, they will be in the worm.


Some worms are beneficial to garden soil. Earthworms, for example, till the earth while leaving behind valuable nutrients. On the other hand, some other species cause destruction and death to garden plants.