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Some types of flowers that are easy to draw include petal flowers, carnations, gerbera, puffs and sunflowers. Tutorials are available on DrawingStep.com, Craftsy and My-How-To-Draw.com.


To draw a basic flower, start with the center, add petals radiating out, sketch the stem and leaves, and color if desired. Drawing a flower takes roughly five minutes and requires paper, a pencil and an eraser. Colored pencils are optional.


Choose a real-life flower or a photo of a flower you would like to use for the tattoo. To begin the drawing, you need basic art equipment and Internet access. Learn to draw a basic version of that flower by searching online for instructions or quick drawing lessons.


Easy ways to draw a turkey include tracing an outline of a hand and using basic shapes to create a turkey. These methods are suitable for drawing with nearly any utensil, including pencils, markers and crayons.


Easy pictures for kids to draw include flowers, houses and other simple landscapes in addition to animals such as fish, birds, rabbits, pandas and monkeys. Sites such as mocomi.com, hellokids.com and even youtube.com have countless tutorials to teach kids from a range o...


One way to draw a simple castle is to draw a horizon line, add two rectangles in perspective and draw guidelines for any towers and the main building. Next, draw darker lines to define the main structure and add extra details or color.


To make paper flowers, cut crepe paper of the desired color into a circle of the required size, and use it along with a small cotton ball and floral stem to form the flower's center. Cut the crepe paper to form small, medium and large petals of the desired shape. Starti...