The best way to begin is to understand that one kilogram is equal to 2.2046 pounds. From there you can easily do a conversion equation. You begin by multiplying the 140 kilograms by the equivalent of one kg in pounds (14... More »

Converting 240 kilograms to pounds involves finding the conversion factor of 2.205 pounds/kilogram and using this to create a conversion equation. Solving (240 kilograms)(2.205 pounds/kilogram) gives the answer to the co... More » Science Measurements

Converting pounds to kilograms is a simple process that takes less than a minute. It requires either a calculator or a pen and paper. Simply divide 152 pounds by 2.205 to arrive at the equivalent value in kilograms. More » Science Measurements

To convert pounds to kilograms, the following formula is used: lbs / 2.2046 = kilograms. Multiply the known information by a conversion factor, cancel the units and solve. Overall, the process takes about one to two minu... More » Science Measurements

A single liter of water weighs precisely one kilogram, or 2.20 pounds. This is because liters and kilograms have historically been defined in terms of one another. More » Science Measurements

The equivalent of 134 pounds (lbs) is 60.91 kilograms (kgs). On Earth, 2.2046 pounds is the equivalent of 1 kilogram, but 2.2 pounds is generally used. More »

To convert 165 kg (kilograms) to lbs (pounds) multiply 165 by 2.2, to get a total of 363 lbs. For larger conversions, you may need a calculator and approximately 1 to 5 minutes of time. More » Science Measurements