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Some of these certifications aren’t even that hard to get! In fact, many of them are really simple. And today, those will be the ones we will be focusing on. And without further ado, in order to help out your education and career-related decisions, we present ’25 Cool Certifications That Are Usually Pretty Easy To Get’. Featured Image ...


WordPress is a favorite platform for web developers because it is so easy to customize. WordPress Academy offers a 30 day free trial to their course library, which includes beginner and advanced classes with recognizable certifications. Impress your boss by updating your company’s blog, or start your own freelancing side hustle.


In a competitive job market, giving yourself the upper hand might be as simple as obtaining a few certifications. This can help to build up your resume and set you apart from other candidates who ...


You are basically spending money on taking tests for certifications that will only expire in a few years. Are you looking to learn something new or to have a few "titles" under your belt? I would find it hard to believe that after 25 years of experience, you would learn anything from the easy certifications.


It’s a good idea to create a section specifically for your certifications at the very bottom of your resume. You can call it “Certifications”, “Professional Training” or “Courses”. This way, your hard-earned certifications will be easy to spot (since hiring managers often need to skim) but won’t crowd your other resume sections.


The consensus: Certifications certainly can make a difference, but not all certifications are created equal. Below are some of the ones that recruiters say actually move the needle in their decision to hire a candidate — if one of them is relevant to your field, consider looking into it! Role-Specific Certifications. 1.


To obtain the “portable” certificate, you must pass three assessments called Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information.The certification confirms an individual’s competence in workplace skills and can be shown to potential employers. Professional Purchaser


What are some cool licenses and certifications that are relatively easy to get? These are great! ... It's easy to study for, easy and cheap to get. And if you are in any sort of technical career field, it will look good on your resume. level 2. GroggyOtter. 6 points · 5 years ago.


The median salary for a fitness instructor is $40,996. But, obtain certification as an exercise physiologist, and that jumps to $44,470. Perhaps more importantly, though, is that if you are ...


A lot of young people are so concentrated on getting a degree that they forget that having a few certifications in various things can give you a nice edge to potential employers. There are also many jobs that require you to have certain certifications anyway, so let’s take a look at a few easy certifications that are handy to have.