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This easy meatball recipe is so easy to make and come out juicy and flavorful every time. They’re perfect for appetizers, subs or on top of spaghetti! If you’re a fan of Italian food, you’re going to love this easy meatball recipe! It’s a staple and is so simple to whip up.


Certainly an easy recipe, not too many steps, limited prep time. I liked that you can bake them in the oven. Great recipe! I made meatball sandwiches last night. Tonight we'll have the remaining meatballs and sauce with spaghetti and salad.


Because this recipe makes 32 rather large meatballs, freeze half this batch to be used for later use. Be sure to leave them loosely packed in a freezer bag and flat so they freeze separately. Then thaw overnight for a super fast dinner solution.This recipe came from Kraft Foods Kitchens and I love it because it so easy and it makes enough for two meals!


Such a simple and easy meatball recipe. Very tender and flavorful! ... Home » Dinner » Best Ever (Easy) Baked Meatballs. Best Ever (Easy) Baked Meatballs ... Bake in preheated oven for 15-20 minutes, or until meatballs are browned and cooked through. Notes. Yield: about 30 1-inch meatballs. Nutrition.


Easy Skillet Meatballs are savory bites of beef, onion, caraway and spices that you add to pasta, soups or sandwiches for an easy meal. Great for freezing! ... Must Love Home is a food blog where you’ll find easy, family recipes with lots of flavor that even the beginner home cook can make.


If you've been looking for a simple recipe for Easy Baked Meatballs, you'll love this recipe! Made with ground beef, Parmesan cheese, plenty of spices, eggs, breadcrumbs, and water. Once you make meatballs in the oven, you'll never want to make them another way!


"These oven-baked meatballs are fast and easy to prepare and very kid-friendly. You can serve them with pasta and spaghetti sauce or just eat them with ketchup, as my children do. ... Good foundation recipe for meatballs. The recipe itself is bland, but you can season to your taste. For myself, I used garlic, some finely chopped onion, italian ...


Shape meat mixture into 32 two inch meatballs. In a large skillet or Dutch oven brown the meatballs, half at a time, in hot oil. Remove from skillet; pour off drippings. Stir in undrained cut up tomatoes, the tomato puree, the remaining chopped onion, remaining minced garlic and the sugar. Cook and stir until bubbly. Add meatballs.


Enjoy these easy meatballs in four delicious recipes. Divide the meatballs into four smaller batches for use in Cheeseburger Meatball Kabobs, Meatball Pizza, Marinara Meatball Subs, and Chili-Cornbread Meatball Bake.


Soak the bread crumbs in the milk while you prepare the other ingredients. Put the beef and pork into a large bowl. Add the onion, butter, eggs, and parsley and season well with salt and pepper ...